National day after the plywood in shipments climax
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message_National day after the plywood in shipments climax


National day after the plywood in shipments climax
National day after the plywood in shipments climax
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National day after the first week, plywood sales to a climax, the volume over the previous week, an increase of nearly 80 percent, 3 per cent and 12 per cent of the shipment in the most eye-catching, were increased by 153.47% and 79.72%, the businessmen said, plywood such sales market, mainly rely on the price advantage, 3% and 12 board price were 1.12% and 0.73% of the price concessions, the price is 26.4 yuan / Zhang, 108 yuan / zhang.
"General technical conditions of mahogany furniture GB28010-2011" at the beginning of this year to enforce the execution, but in half a year because of the expensive tests, detection methods are not unified, resulting in "new GB" obstructed implementation.
In accordance with the new national standard requirements, consumers can through the "one book a card a card" that mahogany furniture standards, the classification of technology, quality, scope of application, the main timber, finishing and decoration process information, however, even with the express card specification, still cannot guarantee the "card of goods", because the mark express card is not mandatory product material origin, and the material origin is an important information identification mahogany.
In addition, because mahogany furniture is expensive, detection of lack of funds, so the regulatory authorities in the implementation of the new GB process supervision of the difficult control problems, only after receiving complaints from passive to active, protect the rights and interests of consumers.
Buy a house payments, car payments, you do not know, now buy mahogany furniture can instalments. Recently, in order to meet the more and more consumer demand, Dongcheng mahogany in cooperation with the China Bank Zhongshan branch jointly launched the "buy mahogany, payment of" sales service.
The maximum loan amount is 2000000 yuan, 3 period, 6 period, 12 period and 24 period of the four types of repayment methods. It is reported, in the implementation of the "buy mahogany, payment of" service, Dongcheng mahogany to do preparatory work and put in a lot of.
In recent years, more and more young white-collar interest and love of mahogany furniture, but tens of thousands of yuan price deterred. So the East into contact with the bank with mahogany, brewing launch for this part of the consumer credit products, to better meet the diverse needs of customers.
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